Design and Installation of Screened Water Boreholes for Agricultural Irrigation Systems – Part I


Irrigation water wells (water boreholes) must be capable of producing adequate water during peak seasonal use and under drought conditions. Without a reliable, efficient, and economical supply of water, the entire irrigation system, regardless of the most sophisticated well head equipment design, is renderedf useless. The water well is the “heart” of irrigation systems with groundwater supplies; it must be properly designed and compatible with the water pump and distribution system to ensure long life, efficiency, and economic operation.

Commercial Water Borehole Installation - Essex Glass Factory 2014

Commercial Water Borehole Installation – Essex Glass Factory 2014

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services Ltd has over 50 years experience of commercial water well installations for agricultural and industrial usage. Please visit our main website and get in touch. We are always happy to advice you on your project.

The potential ground water sources of irrigation water in Northern England include the surficial, intermediate aquifer systems. The choice of aquifer is often dictated by location. It also depends on the quantity and quality of water desired. The cavernous nature of Yorkshire’s limestone formations produces abundant quantities of water from open bore holes (generally 4-12 inches in diameter) constructed into the limestone. In some areas of Yorkshire, the depth of bore holes may be limited due to increases of salinity with depth. If well yield is too low, additional properly spaced wells may be required. Back-plugging of some irrigation wells has been successful as a remedy against upcoming deep saline waters.

A well consists of many or all of the following key parts:

  • casing
  • grout
  • screen
  • open bore hole
  • well head configuration.

Water well construction in the UK is regulated by the National Ground Water Association address each of these parts with alternatives given to account for variation in geology in various areas.

The local water authority should be contacted to obtain an abstraction license and information on well specifications. In most cases, the National Ground Water Association will be able to provide sufficient geologic data to help select the best well design with regards to water supply and construction cost. The well drilling contractor should be licensed and have experience in the construction of screened irrigation wells.

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services Ltd has over 50 years experience of commercial water well installations for agricultural and industrial usage. Please visit our main website and get in touch. We are always happy to advice you on your project.



The depth by which the water level is lowered below the static level in a well when pumping is in progress is called drawdown. Drawdown is the difference, measured in feet of water, between the static water level and the water level during pumping. This term represents the hydraulic head, in feet of water, that is needed to cause water to flow through the aquifer toward and into the well at the rate that water is being removed from the well.

Gravel-Packed Well

Gravel-packed wells have a bore hole through the water-bearing formation that is larger in diameter than the well screen. The zone immediately surrounding the well screen is made more permeable than the aquifer by filling the space between the face of the bore hole and well screen with graded sand or gravel that is coarser than the formation.

Naturally Developed Well

A well in which the well screen is placed directly in contact with the water-bearing sand and gravel is a naturally developed well. The width of the openings in the screen is selected so that fine sand in the aquifer immediately surrounding the screen can be removed by pumping during development to create a highly permeable zone consisting of the coarser formation particles.

Specific Capacity

The yield of the well per unit of drawdown, usually expressed as gallons per minute (gpm) per foot of drawdown, is called specific capacity. It is obtained by dividing the pumping rate by the drawdown for a specific pumping period. For example, if the pumping rate is 1500 gpm and the drawdown is 20 feet, the specific capacity of the well is 75 gpm per foot of drawdown.

Well Capacity or Yield

The volume of water per unit of time discharged from a well is its capacity. Well capacity is usually measured as the pumping rate in gallons per minute (gpm) or cubic feet per second (cfs).

Static Water Level

This is the level at which water stands in a well when no water is being removed from the well either by pumping or natural flow. It is generally expressed as the distance from the ground surface (or from a measuring point near the ground surface) to the water level in the well. The level to which the water level rises in a well that taps an artesian aquifer is also referred to as the piezometric level. An imaginary surface representing the artesian pressure or hydraulic head throughout all or part of an artesian aquifer is called the piezometric surface. The piezometric surface is the real water surface, or the water table, in a water table aquifer. The artesian aquifer is different from the water table aquifer in that the saturated zone is confined by the confining layers or aquicludes.

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services Ltd has over 50 years experience of commercial water well installations for agricultural and industrial usage. You dont have to know about the above definitions becasue we undertake the Borehole Prognosis for you.

Commercial Water Borehole Turn Key Solutions

We offer a turn-key solution that covers not just the technical aspects such as borehole prognosis, but also every requirement typical of any large commercial water borehole project:

  • Insurance
  • Health and Safety
  • Project Management

If you would like to talk to us about your project, we are happy to give no obligation advice. Visit our website, use the contact form, or call us on 01246 743022

In Part II, we will be expanding on Water Well Design and Build and Water Well Development.

Thanks for reading!

Jenny Hormell,Director, Waterseekers Well Drilling Services Ltd

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Quotes About Water…That Make You Think

This week we thought we would take a lighter, and wider look at the nature of water. We’ve collected a number of quotes that use the idea of water to make us think….

“Filthy water cannot be washed.”- West African Proverb

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”- Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1746 


“Water is the driving force of all nature.”
 - Leonardo da Vinci

“Water is precious; it is the very source of life and a free gift from the Creator.”
- Desmond M. Tutu

“Mind is just like water. When agitated, it is difficult to see what lies beneath. When settled, the answers come to the surface.”

“Stop watering the weeds in your life, and start watering the flowers.”

“Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes – one for peace and one for science.”
- John F. Kennedy 

“The grass is greener, where you water it.”

The world in a drop of water from a water well.

The world in a drop of water from a water well.

“In every glass of water we drink, some of the water has already passed through fishes, trees, bacteria, worms in the soil, and many other organisms, including people. . .Living systems cleanse water and make it fit, among other things, for human consumption.” - Elliot A. Norse, in R.J. Hoage, ed., Animal Extinctions, 1985

“Remember the tea kettle – it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings.”

“If you want a free, clean, and reliable supply of water, have a water well installed on your property.”
- Jenny Hormell, MD of Waterseekers Water Well Drilling Company Ltd

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Installing A Water Well Can Improve Your Health

Filtered Tap Water – Making a Start

The most obvious choice you and your family can make is to purchase and install a water filter for your home. There are three different types of water filters. Let’s take a brief look below.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

In addition to removing chlorine, inorganic, and organic contaminants in your water, an RO filter will also remove about 80 percent of the fluoride and most DPBs.

Ion Exchange Filter

Ion exchange is designed to remove dissolved salts in the water, such as calcium. This system actually softens the water or exchanges natural-forming mineral ions in the water with its own ions, thereby neutralizing their harmful effect of creating scale build-up.

The ion exchange system was originally used in boilers and other industrial situations before becoming popular in home purifying units, which usually combine the system with carbon for greater effectiveness.

Granular Carbon and Carbon Block Filters

These are the most common types of counter top and under counter water filters.

Granular carbon filters and carbon block systems perform the same process of contaminant removal, adsorption, which is the chemical or physical bond of a contaminant to the surface of the filter media.

Granular activated carbon is recognized by the EPA as the best available technology for the removal of organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and industrial chemicals. However, one of the downfalls of granular carbon filters is that the loose material inside can channel–the water creates pathways through the carbon material, escaping filtering.

Carbon block filters offer the same superior filtering ability but are compressed with the carbon medium in a solid form. This eliminates channeling and gives the ability to precisely combine multiple media in a sub-micron filter cartridge. By combining different media, the ability to selectively remove a wide range of contaminants can be achieved.

Ideally, you want a filtration system that offers a variety of methods to remove different contaminants. Most systems do not address a combination of organic, inorganic, cyst, sediment and metals.

Install Your Own Water Well!

One other rising trend is to have a water well installed on your property. Typically a water borehole is drilled between 20 to 60m deep. By doing this you literally tap into a water table.

These water wells are springing up (excuse the pun) all over the country as health aware consumers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with municipal supplies and expensive bottled water.

The majority of time the well water is safe to drink. The water is always sent to the lab for testing and advice given on the appropriate treatment. In 90% of cases, UV and Carbon filtration is good enough.

Waterseekers Logo

Waterseekers Water Well Drilling for Private & Commercial Projects.

If you’re interested in what it takes to install your own water well, check out Waterseekers, who provide water well installations tailor-made to the unique requirements of each client. They offer a complete water well installation service, which covers all aspects of borehole design, drilling, ground work and pump installation giving you a limitless supply of clean water for your business or home.

Living Water from a Spring

In choosing the right type of water for you and your family, you want to aim for pH balance. Distilled water is too acidic and alkaline water is too alkaline. The ideal pH of your water should be between 6.5 to 7.5, which is neutral.

Mountain spring water is in this ideal range. It is some of the healthiest water on the planet because it is “living water”. Living water, like “living food is in its raw, natural state the way nature intended.

One of the main reasons I am such an advocate for eating raw, organic vegetables is because these “living foods” contain biophotons, small units of light stored by all organic organisms, including you.

Gravity-fed spring water is alive in much the same way. When you take this vital energy into your body, you are re-charging it with health and encouraging it to return to a whole and balanced state.

Now, when I mention mountain spring water, I don’t mean the two-gallon jugs you see sitting on your grocery store shelf. I’m talking about water you bottle yourself from a gravity-fed spring. There’s a great website called where you can find a natural spring in your area. The nearest one to me is in Birchover near Matlock here in Derbyshire. This is a great way to get back to nature and teach your children about health and the sources of clean water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

I can’t say enough about the health benefits of drinking pure water. Here are only a few of the many health benefits you and your family will enjoy once you make the switch to pure water:

  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Properly digest food and absorb nutrients from food
  • Have healthy, glowing skin
  • Decrease muscle and joint inflammation
  • Have better circulation
  • Detoxify your body naturally

Article based on:

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Water Well Installation For Home and Business

Looking for a Water Well Installation For Your Home or Business?

Filling up a glass of water with water from a water well

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services Ltd  is a company with over 50 years of experience in water well drilling in the UK. They provide a complete Water Well Installation Service, as well as providing other complementary services such as:
  • Ground Source Water Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Borehole Prognosis
  • Water Purification & Treatment
  • Abstraction Licenses
  • Borehole Maintenance
  • Irrigation Systems

Benefits of Your Own Water Well (Water Borehole)

With increased pricing yearly in the UK from local water authorities it makes sense for organisations and businesses to have their own private water supply.
This would help to:
  • reduce costs and save money
  • plus provide an uninterrupted water supply.
There is a low Total Cost of Ownership for such a system on your property especially if a survey shows you are near an aquifer as are many properties in the UK.
Ultimately the installation of your own water supply by Waterseekers will:
  • add value to your business,
  • and reduce costs and overheads.

You’ve Decided to have a Water Well. What’s The First Step?

Initial Consultation

The process of drilling for your own water supply on your property starts with an initial consultation to discuss your requirements, a site visit and the commissioning of a full Borehole Prognosis Report.

Borehole Prognosis Report

Following a positive prognosis report, a full written quotation including a full schedule of the works that will be undertaken will be issued. This ensures you know precisely what you are commissioning.

Final Costs

The final cost of the finished water borehole system is determined by a number of factors such as the depth of the water well, the UK geology of your area and the related accessories used in the system.
It is easy to contact Waterseekers for information and pricing regarding water well drilling and installation of water supplies.
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Water Supply Problems at Your Home or Business?

Water Supply Problems

Water is an increasingly vital and precious commodity, which we easily take for granted…until we encounter a problem!

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Low pressure? Sometimes there is nothing the water authorities can do to improve low pressure water supplies.
  • Poor, intermittent supply?
  • Poor water quality? Are you concerned about the toxicity of your water? Does your water contain too much chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and other chemicals?
  • No water supply? Are you considering a new build or a renovation project?

The Watery Solution…

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services understand that you need a steady, reliable and safe water supply for your home or business. We have helped many of our customers to overcome their water supply problems.

Where Are We?

We are based in North Derbyshire and for most projects we are able to offer our services to customers who live in the following areas:

  • Derbyshire
  • Yorkshire
  • Lancashire
  • Manchester
  • Lincolnshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Humberside
  • Leicestershire
  • Staffordshire
  • Cheshire

If you have water supply problems, help is at hand. Please contact us for advice and guidance and a no-obligation quotation.

Waterseekers Logo

Waterseekers Logo


Tel: 01246 743022

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Water Used for Food Production

In our last article ‘Water – Safeguarding a Vital Commodity for Farming’, we
highlighted the importance of water and the impact of water shortages on the
farming industry.

Water Used to Produce Food

This article addresses how much water is used to produce the
foods we eat daily and the impact on the economy and the consumer when water
is in short supply.

As consumers we all take for granted the food that is readily available to us. We
do not often consider the many vital resources that are critical in ensuring that the
food we need reaches our table. Without a safe and adequate water supply, we
would not have sufficient food.

The table below illustrates the volume of water required to produce the common
foods that we eat. Chocolate tops the list with 17,196 litres of water need to
produce 1kg of the product. Beef, sheep and pork meat all require high volumes
of water for production, however in comparison vegetable produce requires
a considerable amount less. Drinks such as tea, beer and wine use the least
according to the research.

Volume of water required to produce common foods

In addition to this is the water we use indirectly through cooking, eating and drinking different foods.

Water & Food Security

So what happens to our food supply when water resources are declining? For too long we have seen water as a cheap and unlimited resource. Shortages will have a big impact on food production and the consumer – creating higher food prices, food shortages and food poverty. This will have serious repercussions for farmers and food producing businesses, not to mention health problems of those who can no longer afford to eat regular healthy meals.

Secure Your Water Supply Today!

Safeguard your business from the effects of increasing water shortages and high water charges. By installing your own private water supply you can benefit from constant supply of clean water that meets your demands.
Waterseekers Well Drilling Services provides a system that is tailor-made to the unique requirements of each client.
We offer a complete service, which covers all aspects of borehole design, drilling, ground work and pump installation. Each system is designed for the economical and efficient use of water ensuring that your supply is safeguarded.

So, please call us on 01246 743022 (or use our online contact form) for help on installing your very own water well.

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The Advantages Of Water Well Drilling Yorkshire & East Midlands

Up To 20,000 Litres A Day From Your Own Water Well

Water is a critical resource for human and animal life but also for industry, which cannot move forward without a reliable water supply. Although it may seem unbelievable, many individuals are still finding it difficult to get a stable water supply, which can turn everyday life into a nightmare. Most people, particularly those who live in rural areas rely on water delivery to sustain their needs. Among other inconveniences, this is also very costly. To that extent, water well drilling represents the most reliable solution that provides individuals, families and business owners the opportunity to have their very own water supply. Water borehole drilling is the best bet they have to be independent of the water  utility companies, to rely on a limitless supply (Up to 20,000 Litres/ Day – More than enough for the average household) of clean water, all year-round and which also increases the value of their property on the real estate market.

Are You Aware Of The Benefits Of Water Wells?

There are many uses of water wells. Water well drilling is performed for scientific and industrial reasons and also for domestic drinking water. However, it is also an important part of the green movement that continues to expand. In fact, water borehole drilling offers a viable alternative to traditional systems, for it is the most cost-effective way to supply water to geothermal heating and cooling systems for business and domestic properties. Using ground source wells, the entire process is environment-friendly, not to mention that it improves water quality and eliminates the need for other materials in a traditional heating system such as oil or natural gas. The major inconvenience is that the use of water well drilling for this type of system is not very popular because most people are not aware of the benefits they can get from it. As more and more of them become environmentally-conscious, it is probable that this type of system will gain popularity, changing for the better both their lives and the environment.

Water well drilling can have many uses around the home, bringing numerous advantages to the everyday life. For those who live in remote areas and maintain a farm, water borehole drilling works great for their irrigation needs, ensuring that their crops get as much water as they need, especially during summer. This system also supplies geothermal power to the house so it is the best way to exploit green energy without investing significant amounts of money. It is worth noting that there are many companies specializing in water borehole drilling and providing complete solutions for any kind of project. Water well drilling has come a long way from the traditional pump-less wells. Taking into account that drilling equipment has improved tremendously, it is imperative to hire a service provider with an extensive experience and expertise in this field. A reputed company will make use of reliable equipment as well as non-toxic materials, taking care of every aspect of the project and keeping clients abreast of its progress. In addition to specialized water well drilling services, a dependable company will provide affordable maintenance services and incentives that keep clients happy and satisfied with their investment. To that extent, is one such company operating in this industry and providing complete services at highly competitive rates.

So, without further a do, please call us on Call Us on 01246 743022 for help on installing your very own water well in Yorkshire & East Midlands.

Where Are We?

We are based in North Derbyshire and for most projects we are able to offer our services to customers who live in the following areas:

  • Derbyshire
  • Yorkshire
  • Sheffield
  • Lancashire
  • Manchester
  • Lincolnshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Humberside
  • Leicestershire
  • Staffordshire
  • Cheshire

The Advantages Of Water Well Drilling Yorkshire & East Midlands

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Water – Safeguarding A Vital Commodity For Farming

Agricultural Water Footprint

As agriculture is so reliant on water, shortages can have a severe impact upon the profitability of Farms. It is therefore vital for food production that farmers take steps to safeguard water supplies.

UK Falling Short on Water Supply

A recent WWF report reveals that the UK is only 38 per cent self-sufficient in water and that agricultural products account for 73 per cent of the UK’s water footprint – the equivalent of 3,400 litres per person per day.

Water Wells for Farmers. Water Usage - Irrigation, Livestock.

Water Wells for Farmers. Water Usage – Irrigation, Livestock.

Of the total agricultural water footprint (73%), 60% of this water is used for crop production and 40% for livestock production. This means 43.8% (44% in above pie chart) of the total UK water usage is for crop production.

The amount of water used to produce 1kg of beef is a staggering 15,500 litres of water, poultry 4,000 litres and wheat 1,300 litres.

What A Cow Says!

A single cow needs to drink at least twice as much water as the amount of milk it produces. So that is approximately 90 litres to produce 45 litres of milk.

Further-more, when the milk leaves the cow it is at 101°F and has to be promptly cooled and stored at 40°F using cooled water passed over a plate heat exchanger.

Farmers Get Smart!

It is becoming increasingly more important for Farmers to consider ways in which they can reduce, reuse and replenish their water sources. Here at Waterseekers, we endeavour to help you best use this precious resource – cost savings & better water for good health.

So, please call us on  01246 743022 or make an enquiry on our website, where you can ask questions and/or give details about your water well (water borehole) project.


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20,000 Litres Of Water Per Day

Water Well Abstraction Limit

You are entitled to extract up to 20,000 litres (20m³) of water per day without any license. A modest size household uses approximately 1200 litres per day.

More Than Enough Water for Your Home

For the average household, this is more than enough water to look after your needs. If you think you might use more than this daily limit of 20 cubic metres (Approx 4,400 Gallons), then you will need to apply for an Abstraction License.

Water Irrigation, Farm Or Industrial Applications

If you do require more than 20,000 litres per day you will require an Abstraction Licence from the Environment Agency.  Here at Waterseekers, we have this covered for you and know our way around the paperwork required to get everything into place.  However, if you would like to access official documentation regarding Water Abstraction Licensing, then please follow the link.

Call Us on 01246 743022 and we will endeavour to guide you through the whole process

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